The best post-lockdown holidays to boost your immune system

In the midst of the global pandemic, lockdown has only highlighted how important and valuable good health is and the necessity of maintaining our physical and mental wellbeing and immunity in order to prepare our bodies to cope with any future crisis’s better. Factors from everyday life such as stress, poor nutrition and alcohol can weaken the immune system which can lead to feeling rundown and frequently falling ill.

A wellness holiday with immune boosting benefits could be exactly what you need so we’ve put together our top holidays so you can return home from your healthy holiday feeling revitalised and renewed:

relaxing swimming pool in the sun
The LifeCo Bodrum

Master Detox at The LifeCo Bodrum, Turkey

Located in a picturesque coastal town and just a short walk away from the Aegean Sea, The LifeCo Bodrum is ideal for those looking to reset their immune system by detoxifying and cleansing the body of toxins. With a range of healing programmes from juicing to raw food to an intermittent fasting detox, along with educational lectures, colon cleansing and ozone therapies.

Find out more about the Master Detox programme here.

trees and grass in nature

Immune System Booster at Park Igls, Austria