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I had my posture examined for the first time - and this is what I learnt after just one session

Over three days at Longevity, I was kneaded, massaged, scrubbed, masked, analysed, advised and placed in capsule-like devices, such as the Iyashi Dome, which left me dripping with sweat.  Alternating between states of exhaustion, blissful relaxation and invigoration, it was both incredible and intense. It also made me a little sad because it highlighted how neglectful of ...


The Longevity Hotel in Portugal That's Helping You Live Better For Longer

Longevity – aka the science behind living healthily for longer – is already set to be one of the travel industry’s biggest trends for 2024 as we increasingly search for the best scientific methods for supercharging our health. Considering its name, it’s hardly a surprise that this medical spa firmly embraced the concept, offering tailored programmes that target all aspects of biohacking ...


I went to Portugal’s top medi-spa for a detox and burned 600 calories each day in the spa

What I loved most about the stay was being able to try out those integrative medicinal treatments. Cryotherapy had me standing for two minutes in a chamber that reached -110℃ and left me feeling wide awake. As for the massages, I found heaven on a floating bed in the 60-minute hot ...

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