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RAKxa Integrative Wellness

RAKxa Integrative Wellness is a luxury and integrative wellness and medical retreat in the Green Lung of Bangkok through cutting-edge technology, ancient holistic treatments and immersive nature experiences. Embark on a new journey of wellbeing, where advanced medical sciences are integrated with holistic wellness for preventative health treatment; RAKxa integrates a unique concept of personalised wellness programmes based on each individual’s results using medical & lab diagnostics.



Personalised Wellness

from £1,825pp

3 nights

Discover a journey of self-discovery with holistic and medical treatments to nourish your ...

Sense of RAKxa

from £2,620pp

3 nights

Embrace the alternative approach to wellness as doctors and expert therapists guide you on your ...


from £4,195pp

5 or 7 nights

Rejuvenate the body on a cellular level and heal from the inside out by identifying issues for ...

Weight Management

from £9,595pp

10 or 14 nights

Focus on long-term weight management, detoxification and energy balancing for an ...


from £3,250pp

5, 7 or 10 nights

Designed to heal from the inside out, this personalised detox programme will cleanse the body ...

Gut Health

from £7,195pp

7 or 10 nights

Balance and restore your digestive health using a holistic approach that blends ...


from £7,295pp

7 or 10 nights

Ideal for those with moderate mobility, posture issues such as daily repetitive use of muscles ...

Immunity Booster

from £4,395pp

5 nights

Discover a personalised lifestyle strategy along with supporting therapies to bolster your immunity

Well Relaxed

from £2,795pp

3 nights

Offer an uplifting experience to guests who want to get away
from their busy daily life, relieving ...


from £3,795pp

5 nights

Rebalance your physical and mental stability, brain and body coordination, chakra alignment ...



VitaLife Scientific Wellness Clinic

VitalLife’s integrated treatment packages use advanced anti-ageing technology, rejuvenation applications, positive lifestyle regimens and personalised holistic medicine to share an evidence-based approach to wellness and a scientific understanding of your current state of health. This will allow your specialist to personalise your stay with a range of facilities and treatments including a medical lab, IV infusions, photo-light therapy, cryosauna, infrared sauna, hyperbaric chamber, colon hydrotherapy and aesthetic treatments.


This holistic wellness centre uses sacred knowledge and generations of healing wisdom such as energy healing, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, hydrotherapy and traditional Thai medicine to help you form a pathway of communication between the physical, emotional and spiritual and cultivate wellbeing from within.

RAKxa Gaya

RAKxa’s Medical Gym draws upon technology, functional medicine and the science of movement to tailor holistic exercise routines for you with the support of movement specialists, physiotherapists and wellness trainers.


The hydrothermal facility includes a vitality pool, cold-water plunge pool, herbal steam room, experience shower and an infrared sauna, and floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over the green expanse of RAKxa’s beautifully landscaped grounds, where you can see the city of Bangkok way off in the distance.



Unam Restaurant

Serving nutritious international cuisine personally programmed by dietitians with an anti-inflammatory diet for a restful reset and detoxification process. Ingredients are sourced locally and internationally for the utmost varieties of nutrients with an emphasis on prebiotic and probiotic foods to enhance gut health.


Organic tea lounge, serves more than 50 menus of RAKxa signatures according to chosen wellness programme by tea sommelier



RAKxa Integrative Wellness sits on the protected, jungle-clad island of Bang Krachao, across from Bangkok on the Chao Phraya River and just 45 minutes from Bangkok

Flight Duration from UK              

Nearest Airport                             

Transfer Time



11hr 30mins   


Bangkok (BKK)                           






An oasis within an oasis, the villas serve as their own private sanctuary, designed in natural earthy tones to promote deep rest and relaxation.



RAKxa Wellness

- 1 x 60 min Holistic treatment on every 3 night stay

- Complimentary upgrade to Pool Villa for stays 5+ nights

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