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The Wellness Holiday Boutique reviews Preidlhof

Preidlhof is a family-run destination spa retreat ideal for anybody looking to escape the daily stresses of life to a sanctuary of wellbeing. Tucked away in a hillside in the village of Naturns surrounded by lush views of the mountains, valleys, orchards and vineyards, there couldn’t be a more ideal setting to regenerate the mind, body and soul surrounded by the healing powers of nature.

Located in the north of Italy bordering Austria, Preidlhof is a 2-hour drive from Innsbruck, Austria or Verona, Italy which is just a 2.5-hour flight from the UK with flights running throughout most of the year. The hotel also offers complimentary transfers from Naturns train station.

The Hotel

On my arrival, I was warmly greeted and offered a glass of sparkling wine and hot towel in the welcome area before being shown to my room. Preidlhof combines high-quality service with luxurious facilities to ensure a comfortable stay and it’s clear that the owner, Mr Ladurner, who has been involved in the day-to-day running of the hotel for the past 20 years, truly cares that guests are completely relaxed and stress-free during their stay. The facilities are vast with a 6-floor sauna tower hosting 6 saunas, 7 pools and 6 relaxation areas and despite all 70 rooms of the hotel being booked during my stay, it was rare to see other guests around the spa and I never had to wait to use the facilities. The atmosphere of the hotel has more of an Austrian than Italian influence with cosy chic interiors, facilities and food and all the staff speak English, German and Italian.


There are just 70 spacious rooms and suites in the hotel spread over 2 separate buildings. I stayed in a Wellness Suite Me which was incredibly spacious at 56sqm with a large south-facing balcony overlooking the valley and mountains which had a serene and natural feel to it. There’s also a day bed which can be made up to sleep outdoors under the stars - I didn’t have the chance to as I visited in October when the nights were chillier but still had a chance to sit out in the morning thanks to the heater and blankets provided. The suite itself was fitted with magenta furnishings which symbolises the healing colour and included a walk-in shower, plenty of wardrobe space, a generous number of plugs and USB sockets, separate WC, lounge area with a flat-screen TV and a spacious mini bar equipped with a Nespresso machine and sleep-enhancing herbal teas. Wellness bags are also provided with towels, slippers and a bathrobe for the spa as well as a belt bag for any outdoor activities.

On arrival I found the mattress was too hard for my liking but a quick call to housekeeping ensured that this was changed over when I was at dinner. Preidlhof understands the importance of sleep and the rooms have been prepared to ensure that guests have a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep; the WIFI is switched off between midnight and 7am so that you aren’t disturbed by radiation and there's a pouch filled with beautifully scented sleep-inducing herbs as well as a “Good Night’ menu which offers 12 different mattress toppers and pillows.


The cuisine at Preidlhof incorporates regional South Tyrolean dishes with a Mediterranean influence using seasonal and locally sourced ingredients from their own gardens or local farmers. There is one restaurant at the hotel and guests are allocated the same table for breakfast and dinner; as I was on a retreat programme I was given a table in the wellness dining room which offered a 7-course Wellness Healing Gourmet menu in the evenings, designed to enhance a mindful eating experience with plant-based and lactose/soya/gluten/refined sugar-free dishes. There’s also the chance to substitute dishes from the normal menu. I particularly liked the fact dinner was a mix of waiter service and self-serve from the dining room which made the gourmet dining experience feel less formal.

It’s impossible to feel hungry at Preidlhof with food served at almost all hours throughout the day. Breakfast is served until 11 for those wanting a leisurely morning with an extensive variety of foods including homemade butters, jams, honey, seeds, breads, meats, yoghurts and cheeses and a chef serving egg dishes. There’s also a juicer where you can prepare your own combination of fresh juice with fruits and vegetables provided. A lunch buffet with a variety of salads, pasta, cakes, breads, meats and fish is served from 2 – 5 to allow for guests to fit this around their spa or activity schedule. Preidlhof's Tyrolean location is blessed with 315 days of sunshine a year, so I was lucky to be able to enjoy lunch on the sun-soaked terrace most days and experience the stunning panoramas of the orchards and mountains.

Should you feel any pangs of hunger in between this time, there are also snacks available in the Vitamin lounge in the sauna tower.

The Spa Facilities

There’s no question why Preidlhof has won so many awards over the years including ‘Best 30 Spa Resorts of the World’, making it an ideal destination for a luxury spa holiday. The centrepiece of the hotel is the six-floor sauna tower which was purposefully built vertically to make the most of the stunning panoramas. A report revealed that the land on which the tower is built is set on a high-energy field which resonates with other guests who have reported a deep energy connection. It features 18 pools, saunas, Jacuzzis and relaxation areas including 2 rooftop infinity pools, thermal pool, wine sauna, olive sauna and hydrotherapy circuits. The spa also runs sauna infusions multiple times a day which involves pouring water mixed with essential oils onto the hot stones of the sauna stove, after which the Aufgussmeister directs the hot, scented steam towards the bathers using rhythmical movements of a towel and sometimes dance, accompanied by music. One thing to note is that the saunas are nudist although you can opt for a towel to cover up.

The spa is open until 11 so I tactically had dinner early one night in order to take advantage of the empty ‘fifties pool’ which had a wonderful heated thermal water pool with hydro jets and soothing sounds playing underwater along with swinging beds and relaxation pods to relax after.

The Treatments

The spa menu offers more than 70 holistic healing, beauty and preventative health treatments and therapies as well as a range of programmes for those working towards a specific goal. As soon as I entered the spa reception, I felt a sense of calm with the soothing cream interiors. My first session was a very informative consultation with Dr Angerer and an HRV (heart rate variability) measurement that measured my body’s energy efficiency. My results were passed on to the spa so my treatments could be tailored accordingly. I really enjoyed the high level of personalisation and the attention to detail when all aspects of my stay were based on what I truly needed to heal.

My favourite treatments of my stay were:

Glowing Flow: This started off with a consultation with Stefano Battaglia who was recently named one of the ‘5 Best Healers in the World’ and the treatment itself was named ‘holistic treatment of the year’ followed by the treatment itself which involved applying varying degrees of osteopathically-based manipulations to release long-help trauma from within. I immediately felt a sense of peace and calm after my first treatment.

Zen Shiatsu: This involved lying on a futon while my therapist, Andrea, worked on my pressure points to bring balance to the body through the meridians. I felt relaxed and revitalised after my session.

Ancient healing session: A personalised therapeutic session using Traditional Chinese Medicine and other ancient approaches with a combination of touch and massage to release reveal and release the blocked emotions.

Facial ‘Fresh’: A plumping and hydrating facial using a special tool to deliver the ingredients into the skin better. While the ingredients soaked into my skin the therapist gave me a wonderful hand, head and neck massage. My skin immediately looked fresher with a new glow.

Of course, I had to try the Deep Sea Relaxation Room which is the only one in the world and is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. After entering my individual code into the entrance, I entered the dark room and reclined on a beanbag while 12,500 LED lights illuminated the room complemented by calming sounds and vibrations. I could feel my mind and body unwinding and falling into a journey of deep relaxation and contentment.

The Activities

Preidlhof offers a vast range of activities from transformational sessions (exclusively for retreat programme guests) to fitness classes, hikes, meditation, sauna infusions and an outdoor climbing wall. You can choose to do as little or as much as you like and during my 4 day stay, I opted for the latter but found that I still didn’t have enough time to try everything I wanted to. One of my favourite activities was forest bathing with Irmgard who was brought up in a neighbouring village and regaled us with wonderful stories and knowledge about the area and nature. I also enjoyed the Face Gym and Laughter Yoga, with some new exercises to introduce into my daily routine, and the Savouring Mediterranean Herbs class. In addition, there’s also the opportunity to hire Vespas and quadbikes for free to discover the local area or if you want to explore in style, there’s also a Porsche available to rent for a charge.

Who's Preidlhof for

This adults-only retreat is perfect for those looking to disconnect from the stresses of daily life and reconnect with their inner self with a truly integrated approach to holistic healing and emotional transformation at the core of Preidlhofs philosophy.

Insider Tips

If there are any particular classes/ activities you want to do, I recommend letting the spa know your preferences prior to your stay so they can arrange for your treatment schedule to be worked around this.

Find out more about Preidlhof here or call to speak to one of our specialists on +44(0) 203 886 0082


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