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The Best Slimming and Weight Loss Holidays

Whether you’re looking to kickstart your weight loss journey, wanting to lose weight for a special occasion or looking to shift those final pounds, it’s safe to say that it’s more enjoyable to start or continue your slimming journey with the support and guidance of experts and like-minded people around you.

Your weight loss holiday is not just a quick fix and will start with a lifestyle and nutritional consultation to acknowledge and implement the necessary changes and follow with a combination of a low calorie-menu, detoxifying spa treatments and motivating fitness sessions. You will learn sustainable new tools in relaxing surroundings to ensure that you can maintain your ideal weight on you return home.

From spectacular views of the Alps to a sandy beach setting, we’ve listed our top 5 weight loss holidays below:

large garden with a pond, green grass and trees

Park Igls, Austria

High in the Austrian Alps, this health retreat and medical spa works with the findings of Dr F.X Mayr that a healthy gut is the key to good health and happiness. Your stay will start with a full medical consultation and health check where you will be prescribed one of the 8 levels of Mayr cuisine, along with any necessary supplements for your stay. Expect a very light diet to rest and reset the digestive system accompanied by gentle exercise classes, restorative treatments and early nights.

Find out more about the Mayr Cure here

woman lying down with eyes closed with oil being dripped on her head

Somatheeram Ayurveda Village, India

With 15 Ayurvedic doctors and 70 therapists on-site, you can be assured that Ayurveda is taken very seriously here. Known to be the world’s first Ayurveda hospital with a resort ambience, expect your days to be filled with a full schedule of dosha-prescribed treatments for weight loss, private yoga and meditation sessions to the sound of the sea, and delicious Ayurvedic vegetarian meals.

Find out more about the Slimming programme here

Panoramic views of trees with alps in background

Clinique La Prairie, Switzerland

Famous for its cutting-edge technology, this award-winning medical spa has carefully designed this programme alongside geneticists, nutritionists, dieticians, personal trainers and doctors to ensure that you will achieve realistic and sustainable results. Your stay will begin with a full medical check-up and be filled with spa treatments, personalised fitness sessions and a bespoke meal plan which even allows carbs and dessert.

Find out more about the Weight Loss System programme here

Cabana's by swimming pool

Alamos Retreat, Portugal

Kickstart your slimming journey at this boutique hotel with a combination of fitness sessions, detoxifying massages and a nutritious meal plan. The programme starts with a health consultation to understand your current lifestyle choices and how to introduce a healthy routine into your life to achieve realistic and sustainable results. As well as cleansing your body, you’ll also be encouraged to cleanse your mind with Arial Yoga classes.

Find out more about the Weight Loss Booster programme here

raw food sushi

The LifeCo Bodrum

If you’re looking to kickstart your weight loss journey in a tranquil setting with no temptations, then look no further. The programmes at The LifeCo aim to detoxify and reset your digestive system to allow it to work to its full potential so you can leave feeling re-energised and inspired to continue your weight loss journey. Supplement your programme with complementary nature walks and gentle yoga classes and join the educational lectures to increase your chances of making these changes sustainable.

Find out more about The LifeCo Bodrum here


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