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The Wellness Holiday Boutique reviews Chenot Palace Weggis

Chenot Palace Weggis is the flagship resort of the Chenot brand perched on the shore of Lake Lucerne at the foot of the Swiss Alps. Offering the unique Chenot method, this health and wellness retreat was awarded ‘World’s Best Detox programme’ last year so I was looking forward to discovering the benefits of the 6 day Advanced Detox programme which was designed to ‘unleash the self-healing power of your body’.

As Henri Chenot, the founder, once quoted "You need to live in harmony with yourself to be in optimal health” and during my week-long stay at Chenot Palace Weggis, I discovered how the synergy of an 850-calorie detox meal plan combined with bio-energetic treatments can work to expel toxins from the body and restore balance in the body. Throughout my stay, I met guests, some who wanted to detox, invest in their long-term health, learn to eat well again or simply just de-stress. Many were returning guests and a few guests were enjoying the programme so much that they extended their stays.

Just 1.5 hrs from the UK, the retreat is just a 45-minute drive away from Zurich airport. My chauffeured transfer met me at the airport and as we approached the white Belle Epoque building surrounded by endless panoramas of the mountain views, I knew I was going somewhere special. On the way back, after the recommendations of some guests, I decided to take the scenic boat ride to Lucerne and explore the city before taking the train to the airport.

The Chenot Method

Developed over fifty years of research, the Chenot Method® activates the body’s almost endless ability and power to heal itself, strengthen its defence mechanism and prevent disease through. Combining the principles of traditional Chinese healing with the latest scientific advances in Western medicine, a powerful, effective and personalized array of protocols and treatments and diet plans will renew and rejuvenate the body and mind, for a life full of wellness and vitality.

Three different programmes are offered at Chenot Palace Weggis depending on your goals; the Advanced Detox for those looking to cleanse their mind and body; the Recover and Energise for those with stress and burnout; and Prevention and Ageing Well for those to want to strengthen the body and boost its resilience to lifestyle challenges.

The Hotel

On my arrival, I was welcomed with a cleansing detox and given a personal planner which I was told I should take to all my appointments. As per my pre-arrival information, I had already downloaded the Chenot app which contained my schedule for the week.

The hotel offers a perfect setting for relaxation between treatments; comfy sunloungers are scattered around the 21m pool and outdoor garden and there’s a private beach area, accessible by an underground tunnel, which is equipped with paddleboards for guests to take out on the lake.

On Monday evenings, the hotel organises a meet and greet where guests have the chance to meet the management and other fellow guests. It’s a great way to learn more about my upcoming week and to meet other guests and the management and I was also able to enjoy a very convincing ‘gin and tonic’ mocktail.

All guests have complimentary access to the weekly activity schedule which includes hikes, aqua gym, and educational lectures. There’s also a weekly cooking class where I learned to make some delicious dressings for my salad and a beetroot hummus which had been one of my favourite starters of the week. For those wanting to explore the area, there are e-bikes available for guests.

The Rooms

The 97 rooms and suites are spread over 4 buildings which are all different in style. The original building was previously a wooden hotel dating back to 1875, with many of the old features maintained, while the other buildings are more contemporary in style; all the rooms vary in size depending on the building they’re in.

I stayed in a double deluxe room in the original building which was spacious and airy and offered a balcony with stunning views of the mountains and lake - a perfect post-dinner spot. A pillow menu and a minibar filled with different types of water assured me that Chenot Palace was dedicated to making my stay as comfortable as possible. As days are normally spent in robes and slippers, unless indicated otherwise in the app, I was also provided with a bag, robe and slippers for the day in addition to a separate robe and slippers for the room.

The Medical Spa

Before receiving any of my pre-scheduled treatments, my first day is filled with a variety of medical, bioenergetic and nutritional consultations and advanced diagnostics tests allowing the team to tailor my programme to my needs. A machine with 2 copper handles tells me which of my meridians are stressed and from here my bio-energetic doctor works to restore the energy balance in my body through acupuncture sessions and daily Chenot energetic massages.

One of the core parts of the programme is the hydro-aromatherapy bath, phyto-mud and hydro jet treatment which will improve circulation, nourish the cells, eliminate toxins and fat deposits and cleanse the skin. The doctor tells me that I have low blood pressure so notes in my booklet that I should have a lower temperature bath. The hydro jet is exactly as it sounds – my therapist stands on the other side of the room and blasts the target areas with jets of warm water followed by 3 blasts of cold - a perfect way to make me alert again after my relaxing aromatherapy bath and mud wrap. The Chenot energetic massage is another one of my daily rituals where my therapist works on my blocked meridians to clear the energy flow using a combination of cupping and a perfectly pressured massage.

Having arrived at Chenot feeling overstressed, I’m prescribed a neuro-acoustic relaxation therapy and whole-body photobiomodulation which I’m told will restore my body to its natural rhythm. I’m also recommended a cryosauna session, where I manage to increase my time to 3 minutes throughout the week and Intermittent Vacuum Therapy to support my body’s detoxification process. Of course, I can’t resist taking advantage of the advanced technology in the medical spa so I book myself in for a Lymphatism and ZField Dual session to support the body contouring process.

During my final consultations, I’m pleased, but not surprised, taking into consideration how relaxed and rejuvenated I feel, that my meridians are all balanced. The doctors run through the results from my Chenot lifestyle biomarkers and body composition analysis along with some recommendations when I return home. One of the most interesting things I learn is from the minerals and heavy metals analysis which tells me my body is high in aluminium and silver. The doctor explains that this is from overuse of my mobile phone and also recommends using aluminium-free cosmetics.

The Fitness

Back home, I mostly focus on running and high-intensity classes and during my initial consultation I mentioned that the lower half of my body had been feeling quite weak recently so the doctor recommended that I try the Neurac treatment, where suspension exercises were used to correct imbalances on my body and strengthen my muscles. I felt an immediate improvement and am exercising pain free following my take-home recommendations from the physio.

The fitness centre overlooks the mountains is filled with advanced scientific machines including an impressive anti-gravity where I ran at 20% my bodyweight allowing me to burn 700 calories on a 6km run. The machine was actually invented by NASA and it really did make me feel like I was running in space. . It also showed a video allowing me to enhance my gait and movement patterns. My trainer tells me that it’s especially popular with athletes as it can reduce injury and improve accuracy, as well as rehab patients

The Food

During my nutritional consultation, I’m informed that I will be eating 850 calories per day with the Chenot diet plan as one of the integral components of the detox programme. Each meal is plant based with no sugars, processed foods, caffeine or salt; the purpose of the diet is to set your body in fasting mode which will give your organs a break and work to eliminate toxins, regenerate cells and increase energy levels. The nutritionist explains to me that it’s normal to suffer from the side effects of the detox such as fatigue, nausea and headaches during the first few days as my body withdraws the toxins from the body and adjusts to a new way of eating.

Meals are beautifully presented and complemented by stunning views of Mount Rigi and Mount Pilatus. Breakfast starts with some fruit to regulate the blood sugar levels followed by a detox tea. Caffeine isn’t available but barley or chicory coffee is offered as an alternative. Lunch and dinner are served as a 3-course meal, but no dessert, with delicious alternative versions of pasta, risotto and gnocchi and in between meals, broths are available to curb the hunger pangs. During meals, I made a conscious effort to eat each bite slowly and mindfully with the hope of making me feel full and surprisingly find that later on in the week I’m not hungry in between meals.

There’s also a tea lounge serving unique blends created by the tea sommelier as well as juices and smoothies, which I was informed I would only be allowed one a day due to calorie intake.


Chenot Palace Weggis is ideal for anyone looking wanting to invest in themselves and improve their health for the long term and give themselves time to reflect on their physical and emotional state. An 850kcal per day diet might sound daunting but there’s no better place to do it than in the hands of the best detox specialists in Switzerland.

I left Chenot Palace Weggis a couple of kilos lighter and feeling a lot clearer in mind and body; while I haven’t been converted to a plant-based diet back home, I am making a conscious effort to eat smaller portions and making better choices in what I eat and drink after experiencing the benefits of a cleaner diet.

Find out more about Chenot Palace Weggis here or call to speak to one of our specialists on +44(0) 203 886 0082


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