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Prevention and Ageing Well

Chenot Palace Weggis | SWITZERLAND

Chenot Palace Weggis are willing to share their secrets to aging gracefully with a range of targeted treatments to strengthen the body and improve its resilience to lifestyle changes. Reset and start a lifestyle perspective to promote wellness and ultimately enhance active longevity with advanced screening tests and state-of-the art diagnostics. Return home with boosted immunity and a new lease of life.

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​What's included

- 7 nights accommodation (alternative durations available)
- Full board (low calorie and plant based meal plan)

Airport transfers available on request 
Flights available on request (ATOL protected)

- 2 x Medical consultation 

- 2 x Nutritional consultation 

- 1 x Chenot diagnostics with lifestyle biomarkers® 

  • 1 x Vascular age assessment

  • 1 x Minerals and heavy metals intoxication analysis

  • 1 x Measurement of advanced glycation end products (AGEs)

  • 1 x Skin collagen thickness assessment 

- 1 x Body composition analysis

- 1 x Cardiorespiratory fitness assessment 

- 1 x Postural and movement assessment 

- 1 x Digital infrared thermal imaging 

- 1 x Bio-energetic check-up 

- 2 x Chenot bio-energetic treatment 

- 6 x Chenot energetic massage 

- 6 x Hydro-aromatherapy treatment 

- 6 x Phyto-mud treatment 

- 6 x Hydro-jet treatment 

- 2 x Neurac treatment 

- 1 x Osteopathy treatment 

- 3 x Hypoxic treatments in altitude room 

- 6 x Whole-body cryotherapy treatment 

- 3 x Personal training session

Additional benefits

- Seasonal group activities such as: Nordic walking, aquafitness, muscle activation, aqua Pilates, tennis, hiking, cycling, paddleboarding, kayaking
- Access to private beach on Lake Lucerne
- State-of-the-art fitness centre and 21m swimming pool
- Tea lounge offering a collection of herbal infusions, organic green blends and mocktails created with the finest of ingredients with well-known health benefits


from £8,795 pp


from £8,195 pp


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