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The Best Spa Treatments for Weight Loss

Whether you’re looking to kickstart your weight loss journey or shift those last extra pounds, a specially designed slimming programme can be the best way to do so. Get into shape on holiday with a specialised wellness programme to help you to shift those pounds of fat with a lifestyle and nutritional consultation, a weight loss plan can be tailored with a healthy meal plan and exercise with the support of expert doctors, therapists and trainers. Your programme can also be complemented by specialist treatments to accelerate the removal of fat from the body with long-lasting results.

We’ve put together the best treatments to help you meet your weight loss goals:

LPG Machine Session

This involves using patented machinery to massage the body and stimulate the cells deep beneath the skin's surface. It can be applied to the whole body, including the face, and tailored to combat specific ailments that you may have such as cellulite, pockets of resistant body fat, and sagging skin.

Iyashi Dome

This is a Japanese sauna with infratherapy technology that is a gentle yet powerful technique using far-infrared radiation to induce a significant rise in body temperature and, therefore, action on detox, slimming, sleep, skin ageing, physical preparation and muscle recovery.


This treatment helps to rebalance the cells, increasing the internal temperature and activating metabolism which in turn reduces cellulite without damage to other cells.


This combines bi-polar radio frequency, infrared light and vacuum, for outstanding and cutting-edge body contouring, cellulite, circumference reduction and skin tightening treatment. The combination of these technologies promotes increased circulation, lymphatic drainage, cellular metabolism, fibroblast activity and cellulite smoothing. The result: an overall improvement in skin structure and texture, and the body is reshaped.


A technology-based treatment that involves creating a thermal shock through exposure to cold temperatures to trigger the elimination of fat, reduce inflammation, and boost blood flow

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Target area body sculpting treatment

A stimulating massage that uses black pepper, cinnamon and ginger to help sculpt the figure and re-define the shape. An excellent way to drain and regenerate tissues while dispelling the tensions that have built up and attain a state of absolute relaxation.

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