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Thalassa Anti-Ageing

Vilalara Longevity Thalassa and Medical Spa | PORTUGAL

Indulge in a high impact health rejuvenating holiday programme, and benefit from in-depth diagnostics and therapeutics. Your mind and body will be address as a whole; from your personal health status, imbalances and risk factors, to lifestyle and holistic strategies to slow ageing. Prevent disease, boost your immune system defences, and enhance your quality of life with this innovative rejuvenation and health-maintenance programme

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​What's included

- 10 nights accommodation
- Full board (low calorie meal plan or liquid diet with detoxifiying & anti-inflammatory shakes, juices and soups, subject to the nutritionists approval)
- Private return airport transfers from Faro airport

Flights available on request (ATOL protected)

- 1 x Personal health check
- 2 x Biophysical evaluation
- 1 x Evaluation of heavy metals and trace elements
- 1 x Longevity biochemical profile premium
- 1 x Life length Telomere evaluation
- 1 x Functional medicine and smart ageing consultation
- 1 x Stress and lifestyle assessment
- 1 x Integrative nutrition and wellbeing consultation
- 1 x Mind-body techniques for stress management
- 1 x Energetic healing
- 1 x Mindfulness therapy session (mind, body and inner self relaxation)
- 1 x Longevity detox, repair and anti-inflammation supplement
- 1 x Osteopathy session
- 1 x Cranio sacral therapy
- 4 x Ozonetherapy (autohemotherapy) OR Basic Longevity infusion therapy
- 2 x Manual lymphatic drainage
- 2 x Medical pressotherapy
- 2 x Personal training
- 1 x Longevity skin detox & repair facial with Hydrafacial
- 1 x Body exfoliation
- 2 x Therapeutic or Sports massage
- 20 x Thalassa therapy treatments as prescribed by doctor
- 10 x PAPIMI session (detoxification/ anti-inflammatory/ immunity booster/ cellular energising) (25 min) or 20 x iCOONE Lasermed session (Lymphatic drainage & circulation booster/ anti-cellulite/ body remodelling and firming) (25 min)
- Daily health and wellness assistance

Additional benefits

- Access to relaxation area with sauna, Turkish bath, fitness area
- Access to the weekly activity schedule such as walks, guided meditation, core training, Pilates, yoga, stretching, HIIT (subject to availability and change)
- Daily supply of alkaline water 9.5pH, berbal teas & detox supplements.


Low season
Mid season
High season
Peak season

from £10,850pp
from £11,695pp
from £12,650pp
from £14,250pp


Low season
Mid season
High season
Peak season

from £9,995pp
from £10,395pp
from £10,895pp
from £11,695pp


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