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Why travel is good for your health and wellbeing

A holiday isn’t just fun and exciting; the benefits of travelling can go beyond making memories and meeting new people. Working, studying and other routines in your daily life can start to become repetitive and you might find yourself feeling stressed, demotivated and in need of an escape. Travel can also be beneficial to your physical and mental health and can start from the moment you begin planning your holiday.

We’ve listed the reasons why you should pack your bags, switch off your emails and book your healthy holiday so that you can return home revitalised and inspired.

Travel allows you to disconnect

Travelling can do wonders for your mental health and is a rare opportunity to disconnect from your daily routine and allow your mind to reset. A holiday gives to the chance to truly unwind without having to worry about what others might expect from you and simply just relax.

Travel relieves stress

Sometimes it can be hard to escape from the stresses of life when everything starts to feel overwhelming. Not taking a break can lead to burnout and depression, so it’s important to acknowledge when you’re feeling stressed or anxious and take a step back to allow your mind to relax, recharge and rejuvenate.

Travel increases creativity

Exploring new places and immersing yourself in new cultures can revitalise the mind and give you a fresh and inspired perspective for your return. Hearing new languages, smelling new smells, tasting new foods and seeing new landscapes will help to expand your mind and enhance creativity levels.

Travel brings happiness and satisfaction

From the moment you start planning your holiday, you can start to feel the excitement of having a getaway to look forward to. According to studies, money spent on experiential purchases – an event that you can experience such as holidays - will leave you happier than material purchases – rather than purchasing an object to own.

Travel can be mentally stimulating

Being in a different environment allows you to learn and adapt to situations out of your comfort zone. By switching up your daily routine and location you may face new challenges in unfamiliar situations which will open up your eyes to new experiences and cultures.

If you're interested in booking a wellness holiday to boost your fitness and wellbeing, call to speak to one of our specialists on +44 (0)203 886 0082 or discover our range of holidays here.


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