When and What You Should Eat After A Workout

slices of bread with a range of healthy toppings

Physical activity uses a lot of energy and burns a lot of calories so it’s important to replenish our energy levels and restore our glycogen levels that were depleted during our workout.

We spoke to Jemma Thomas, Personal Trainer and Founder of Jemma’s Health Hub, an online community focusing on helping her ‘hubbers’ feel supported and mentally stronger through regular fitness workouts, to find out when and what we should be eating post work-out.

When is the best time to eat after a workout?

The best time to eat post work-out is around half an hour after exercising so that your body can refuel and help your muscles recover.

What do you recommend eating after exercise?

It should be a balanced meal or a snack and you should make sure it includes protein as you’ll need it if you’ve worked hard! That protein can come from all kinds of sources – nuts, Greek yoghurt, pulses, eggs – whatever you prefer. You should also be careful not to ignore fibre post work out either. That’s super important to keep the gut functioning well. Go for wholewheat foods and fruit like berries, pears and melon which are all rich in fibre.

Chia seeds are also great to sprinkle on yoghurt and they have tonnes of fibre. If it’s the morning, you could have a bowl of Greek yoghurt, topped with berries and chia seeds and that will be a fantastic balance of what you need.

Do you have a favourite post workout snack to share with us?

One of my favourite post work-out foods after I’ve done at The Hub is a coconut chia pot – it’s quick to make and you can even prepare it the night before.