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The Benefits of Detoxing Your Body

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When the word ‘detox’ comes to mind, the first thing that comes to find for most people is the word ‘starvation’ but there are many different types of detox which can vary in duration and intensity.

In modern day life, we are becoming more exposed to toxins in the body by contamination in food and water, processed foods, medication and pollutants in environment. While our body does have a natural detoxification process, the exposure to increasing toxins in today’s world means that our bodies are struggling to cope and can lead to health problems.

Toxins in the body can cause poor sleep quality, low concentration levels and anxiety. A detox is designed to eliminate toxins from the body and ultimately cleanse the mind, body and soul. While a detox should only be a temporary rather than long-term, people often realise the benefits that they have achieved physically and mentally and can introduce newly learned habits into their lifestyle.

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From fasting, to juicing to a low-calorie diet, these cleanses can be combined with herbs, supplements, colon cleanse and enema to aid the detoxification process. By detoxing, you are allowing your organs to rest and reset, by simulating your liver to get rid of toxins and eliminating these through faeces, urine and sweat.

For most people, the initial days of the detoxification process can be difficult as your body adjusts to the sudden changes and can result in constipation, headaches, fatigue, frequent trips to the toilet, nausea and cravings. This can also vary depending on your lifestyle and if you are following guided detox programme, you will normally be recommended to cut out certain foods and drinks prior to starting your detox to reduce these side effects.

The process of detox can require discipline and with the correct supervision from a specialist, a detox programme will result in boosted energy levels, improved mood, weight loss, reduced bloating, clearer skin, improved circulation and a cleansed digestive system.

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