How To Have a Relaxing Spa Day at Home

This week, we’re celebrating National Spa Week which aims to raise public awareness of the real physical, mental and emotional benefits that visiting the spa regularly can offer.

Our modern way of living is fast-paced, more digitally influenced, and busier than ever before. In the same way that going to the gym regularly can keep us physically fit, going to the spa regularly for some relaxation and pampering is an effective way to help combat the long-term effects of everyday stress that we have become accustomed to living with.

It’s safe to say that we’re all in need of a little self-care at the moment in the midst of a second lockdown; and although we can’t visit the spa right now, we can still pamper ourselves at home in the meantime and create our own home spa until we can visit the real thing again.

We’ve listed our top tips so you can have a relaxing spa day (or hour) in the comfort of your own home (we recommend doing this in the evening so you can enjoy a peaceful sleep after):

1. Prevent any distractions

There’s nothing more frustrating than being interrupted during your moment of zen so switch off your phone and inform the household that you’re having some you-time.

2. Set the scene

Enhance the ambience with a soothing scent from a scented candle or oil diffuser to relax and soothe the mind and put on some relaxing music – there are plenty of ‘spa playlists’ on Spotify or YouTube.

3. Relax your mind

Change into your joggers and hoodie or, for the ultimate home spa experience, your dressing gown and slippers. Start off with a herbal tea to help you relax and take a few deep breathes so calm the mind and switch off from your thoughts and worries of the day, or even better, put on a