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The Body Camp Mallorca

* Open seasonally from 5 April - 2 August 2024 *

Set in a rustic country retreat in the Mallorcan countryside, The Body Camp is a fitness and wellness retreat offering an immersive programme of high-energy fitness classes, fun activities, holistic healing, nutritional educational lessons and delicious plant-based meals. Welcoming up to 30 guests of varying fitness levels and ages, the weeklong programme has been designed to motivate guests in a fun and sociable group environment. During the week you will address current lifestyle changes to create new healthy eating habits and learn how to exercise for optimum health. Achieve your health and fitness goals with sustainable results and return home feeling re-energised and equipped with new tools for a healthier lifestyle.



Holistic Fitness Retreat

from £1,850 pp

 7 nights

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, tone up, get fitter, have a fun holiday or just love making the most of your ...



The retreat is well equipped for a holistic health and fitness break with a yoga studio and heavy weights gym for those who would like to opt in for more fitness. For those wanting to relax and unwind, guests can relax by the pool, take advantage of the incredible spa treatments, explore the 25 acres of land that the property lies on or discover the island. The living area has a cosy sofa and fireplace which is perfect for movie or game nights.


The Body Camp offers a range of treatments and therapies which can be booked on arrival, from massages to ease out the muscle ache, to facials to supplement your glow, as well as access to healers to integrate yourself into the full experience.


3 plant based meals and 2 snacks a day are served at the indoor and outdoor dining area which offers beautiful views of the Mallorcan countryside. Gut health, nutrient-dense, unprocessed food, and no sugars are at the core of the retreats’ menus and the nutritional sessions, cookbooks and education will encourage subtle changes in your diet to maintain optimal health for you and your family, even after you leave.

Good to know

Depending on your goals, the chef can adapt the meal portion sizes to work to your goals for weight loss / gain and muscle loss / gain.



The Body Camp is located in Mallorcan countryside in the centre of the island in a peaceful  and idyliic setting.

Flight Duration from UK              

Nearest Airport                             

Transfer Time



2hr 20mins  


Mallorca (PMI)                           

30 mins

4pm - 8pm



The retreat offers 15 rooms available for sole and shared occupancy. The villa boasts the best of Spanish architecture with whitewashed walls and gardens flushed with lush greenery and stunning views of the surrounding countryside.




Long Stay

- 10% discount for retreats stays of 2 weeks

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