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Ultimate Packing Guide for Your Wellness Retreat

The countdown to your healthy getaway has officially begun! It's time to make your wellness retreat a reality and start packing. Since a wellness retreat isn't your average holiday, we've prepared the ultimate packing list to ensure your holiday countdown is as stress-free as the retreat itself

Essential Packing Recommendations for a Relaxing Wellness Journey

What to Pack

  • The Right Shoes: Bring well-broken-in shoes that fit comfortably and provide support, such as your favourite hiking boots and fitness class shoes. No need for fancy footwear, even at mealtimes.

  • Comfortable Clothes: Pack your favourite casual wear for exploring and relaxing. Include athleisure items that signal to your body and mind that it’s time for exercise. Bring just enough to always have something fresh to wear.

  • Cloth Face Mask: Essential for current travel. You may not need it all the time, but it's good to have.

  • Weather-Appropriate Clothing: Check the 10-day forecast and pack layers for varying temperatures. Don’t forget your waterproofs.

  • Swimwear: Even if you’re not planning on swimming, a swimsuit is small and can come in handy for the pool, beach, sauna, or water aerobics. Don’t forget the flip-flops.

  • Sun Protection: Pack a sunhat, sunglasses, lip balm, sunscreen, and your preferred moisturiser. Whether in the desert, at the beach, or on a mountain trail, the sun can find you. Consider clothes with SPF protection if you'll be outdoors for long periods.

  • Medications: Ensure you have enough prescription medication for your entire stay, as these are not easily available at resort shops.

  • Glasses: Bring any reading or prescription glasses, contact lenses, and solution.

  • Sports Underlayers: You’ll be active and sweating, so pack moisture-wicking underwear and a good sports bra. Bring extras to stay fresh.

  • Reusable Water Bottle: You might receive one at check-in, but it’s smart and safe to travel with your own.

  • Extra Socks: And any other items that might get wet, dirty, or need replacing.

  • Personal Journal: Take this opportunity to reflect on your experiences and thoughts during this meaningful time.

What Not to Pack

  • Invisible Baggage: Leave behind ancient history and lingering feelings. Your wellness retreat is the perfect time to address these. Experts in behavioural, spiritual, and mind-body practices can help you untangle the past and clear the way forward.

  • A To-Do List: Focus on being, not doing. A wellness retreat should take off the pressure. Shift your focus to discovering who you are and how you feel without the constant to-dos. Create a "to-be" list: Be open. Be mindful. Be content.

  • Anything Uncomfortable: Avoid tight clothes, shoes that pinch, and restrictive underlayers. You'll want to focus on yourself, not blisters or annoying straps.

  • Glamorous Items: Red-carpet clothes, makeup, and jewellery are unnecessary. You'll look your best when you're relaxed and energised. Think casual, cool, and natural.

  • Pre-set Expectations: Embrace the joy of surprise. Let each experience at your retreat stand on its own. Try new activities and allow for unexpected highlights.

  • Daily Armour: You won’t need the defences and pretences you use in daily life. Open your mind and heart in the safe space of your retreat. You'll be accepted and supported for who you are.

  • Munchies: Skip the junk food. Enjoy the healthy, delicious cuisine prepared by chefs and nutritionists at your retreat. You'll likely learn skills and tips for your own kitchen.

One Final Tip: Unfriend your phone. Experience life without constant interruptions. Use your phone for special, not constant, photos. Check for urgent messages once a day and turn off news alerts. You've come to escape stress, so leave it behind.

For any questions or to book your wellness retreat, call our specialists at +44 (0)203 886 0082 or explore our range wellness holidays here.


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