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How To Go On A Virtual Wellness Retreat At Home

Without a doubt, we’re in a challenging and uncertain time of our lives, so there’s never been a more important time to practice self-care and focus on our wellbeing.

While we’re still learning to readjust to this new way of life, it’s safe to say that this has given many of us the opportunity to slow down, refocus and appreciate our health and wellbeing. Taking care of our mind and body has never been more important and although we can’t physically travel right now, we can still retreat at home with online wellbeing tools.

While we’re waiting to travel again, we’ve listed some of our favourite wellness retreats who have brought their wellness experiences online from virtual Yoga and Pilates classes to meditation sessions to healing tools to healthy lifestyle sessions, so you can enjoy your own DIY wellness retreat from the comfort and safety of our own homes in the meantime.

wooden lodge in the middle of a field surrounded by trees


Azulfit have brought their inspiring classes and retreat experiences virtual so you can retreat at home. Boost your mind, body and soul with inspiring online Yoga, Pilates and meditation sessions as well as exclusive access to an online support community. Complete your home retreat experience with a download of the inhouse nutritional advisor’s e-book with delicious and healthy vegetarian recipes.

Find out how to book onto the weekend retreats here.

Shamballah Retreats

Bring balance and harmony to your body and mind with the range of wellness sessions to choose from at Shamballah Retreats. With daily Yoga and meditation classes, life coaching sessions or a weeklong wellbeing retreat to choose from, owners Zarqa and Patricia are on hand to help you create a positive and healthy routine.

Find out more here.

Museflower Retreat

Museflower Retreat have brought their wellness experiences online with a Soul Sharing circle which takes place every Saturday with a focus on a different topic every week. Founder, Tania, hosts the wellness classes and shares her wellbeing tips and healing tools along with a Q&A at the end of each session.

Find out more here.

Tuscan Fitness

Start your Sunday mornings the right way and be guided through a feel-good Yoga practice by Tuscan Fitness available on a weekly live stream. Discover your inner Yogi with the feel-good poses from the comfort of your own home and find inner peace in mind and body.

Join Tuscan Fitness every Sunday morning at 10am GMT on Instagram live here.


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