The Best Health and Fitness Retreats

Whether you’re looking to kickstart a fitness routine or looking to improve your overall health and wellbeing, a fitness retreat could be the perfect break for you. Allow yourself to step away from the daily stresses of life to focus on your wellbeing goals with the guidance of expert trainers and nutritious meals and let yourself re-energise to optimal health. It’s not all hard work, after all, it is your holiday, and there’s still plenty of opportunities to have some relaxing me-time so that you can return home feeling lighter in mind and body with new habits for life.

Thailand: Thanyapura Sports and Health Resort

Whether you're training for a sporting event or a budding beginner looking to hone your fitness skills, this Olympic village style sports and health resort, popular with professional athletes and fitness lovers alike, is the place the do so. Olympic sized pools, athletics tracks and 80 classes a week makes this a popular destination to work out hard and relax hard.

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UK: On Track Retreats

A week of varied workouts, healthy meals, educational talks in the English countryside might just be what the doctor ordered. Based at the luxury Hilton resort, private areas are reserved for guests during the retreat with the option to use the Hilton facilities during the stay.

Return home armed with the confidence and knowledge to continue your fitness and weight loss journey.

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Bali: Fit Goddess

This women's only retreat offers energetic fitness classes designed to burn fat and build muscle in a luxurious villa setting. There’s plenty of time to pamper yourself at the villa with unlimited spa treatments to ease out those aching muscles, unwind and read your book by the pool or discover the exotic sights and sounds of Bali life that lie just outside your door.

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Mexico: Bikini Bootcamp

Unlike the name suggests, this beachfront retreat welcomes men and women who want to disconnect from their daily routine. Expect morning journaling, workouts on the white sand beaches, holistic yoga and meditation classes, cultural activities to discover the local area and nutritious meals designed to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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