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The Best Exercises for Weight Loss

girl doing squat with dumbells at gym


Struggling to shed pounds despite hitting the gym? You're not alone! While exercise is crucial, weight loss requires a holistic approach.  This guide explores why diet is key and unveils 6 calorie-burning exercises to tone your body and boost your weight loss journey:


Air Squats (250-500 Calories/Hour)

Tone legs and glutes with this simple yet effective exercise.  Increase difficulty with dumbbells or kettlebells.

Bulgarian Split Squats (450 Calories/Hour)

This single-leg squat variation targets legs, glutes, and stabilisers, burning serious calories.

Burpees (500-600 Calories/Hour)

The ultimate fat-burner! This full-body exercise gets your heart rate up and torches calories quickly.

Running (550-750 Calories/Hour)

Enjoy the outdoors while burning major calories!  Running speed directly affects calorie burn.  Invest in proper running shoes to prevent injury.

Jumping Lunges (350-450 Calories/Hour)

This dynamic exercise tones legs and burns significant calories. Start with regular lunges and progress to jumps. Remember to take rest breaks.

Mountain Climbers (600-700 Calories/Hour)

Sculpt your abs and core while burning massive calories with this high-intensity exercise.

Ready to jumpstart your weight loss journey? 

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