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Happy Healthy Christmas!

Christmas is just around the corner which will most likely mean lots of festive celebrations until the 1st of January when the diet and Dry January will start again.

We all know the feeling when we can’t really say no to a quick Christmas drink after work or end up canceling that gym class to do that last bit of Christmas shopping.

December is a time of celebrations and festive cheer, and you’ll most probably want to indulge in mulled wine and hearty meals. It’s likely that you’ll recognise the sluggish feelings and fatigue when you’re trying to juggle celebrating with everybody and end up feeling completely burnt out in January.

To help you get through December, we’ve put together some tips so you can start January 2020 in a healthier and happier mindset.

1. Just say no

It is party season and the build up to Christmas means more invites to parties and drinks than you would normally get but it’s okay to say no. You’ll most likely still have the chance to see your friends or go out for drinks with your colleagues in January.

2. Stay active

Even if you aren’t able to go to the gym as often as you normally would, make sure you still schedule in a gym class a week and treat the class as a diary slot as if you were meeting a friend for dinner. Trust us - you’ll be grateful to be working off the extra calories and for an early night with a fresh mind.

3. Make healthy food choices

Throughout the winter months, it’s much more preferable to reach for warming comfort foods and treats that are available. On average, it will take a third of us four months to shift the excess weight from an indulgent December so eat slowly and mindfully and try to pile more vegetables on your plate rather than the high-calorie options.

4. Keep hydrated (with water)

Try to stick to one drink and alternate alcoholic drinks with water. It’s easy to mix champagne, wine and spirits but it’s unlikely you will be feeling fresh in the morning. Too many drinks will most likely lead to a calorie-loaded takeaway on the way home and disrupted sleep. A bad night’s sleep also impacts our glucose and energy levels making us more prone to weight gain.

5. Disconnect over Christmas

We could spend hours on our phone replying to our Christmas messages and browsing through the early Boxing Dale sales online. Instead, why not try switching off your phone and reconnecting with your surroundings. Suggest going for a post-Christmas dinner walk or playing some games together. After all, nothing beats lively conversation and laughs.

6. Most importantly, remember to still enjoy yourself… It is Christmas after all!


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