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Busting The Myths About Wellness Retreats

There have never been so many people wanting to incorporate wellness into their holiday and with so many options from boot camps to detox retreats to group retreats to personalised integrated retreats, many people aren’t quite sure what to expect on their healthy getaway.

Whatever your reason for joining a wellness retreat, there are usually many unanswered questions, so we wanted to debunk some of the myths that come to mind along with the words 'wellness retreat':

I want to go on my own but I’ll feel lonely

There are a large number of solo travellers who go on wellness retreats as they tend to find that this is a more enriching experience, where they can focus solely on their own needs for their holiday. A retreat is a great chance to meet like-minded travellers and there are usually group wellness activities that take place which you can choose to join. Some retreats do cater more for solo travellers with sharing tables at mealtimes and group excursions, however, if you would like to meet other people, we recommend joining a group wellness retreat.

I’ll be starving the whole time

It’s not all salad leaves and juices - unless that’s what you’ve actually booked… Often meals are included, and menus are often designed around the theme of the retreat. While some retreat menus are plant-based or vegetarian, others do offer dairy and meat. The meals are designed to be healthy, filling, nutritious and flavoursome but you won’t be constantly feeling hungry throughout your whole holiday. Even if you are on a low-calorie weight loss or detox retreat, in which case, some meal plans can take a couple of days for your body and mind to adjust, you will be supported by experts who have guided many people to lose weight in a healthy way. A wellness retreat is a great opportunity to ask the chefs and nutritionists for their expert advice and learn new recipes to take home with you.

It’s hard work… not a holiday

A wellness retreat is intended to motivate and inspire you on your health and fitness journey and ensure you return home feeling refreshed and enriched, as opposed to feeling like you need another holiday after a heavy week of alcohol and late nights. Granted, if your idea of a wellness retreat is cocktails and nightclubs, then a retreat probably isn’t for you. While there will be a schedule of activities and treatments, nobody will pressure you to do anything you don’t want to, and there will also be plenty of time in between sessions to enjoy the facilities and explore the local area.

They're completely overpriced

Wellness retreats are very diverse and there are plenty to suit different budgets. While it isn’t as cheap as a package beach holiday, you will always be getting value for money with knowledgeable teachers, expert therapists, experienced trainers and professional chefs. A wellness retreat is a great opportunity to learn and ask the experts for sustainable advice so you can continue your wellbeing journey back home.

If you're interested in booking a wellness retreat or would like some advice on which retreat might be best for you, call to speak to one of our specialists on +44 (0)203 886 0082 or request a callback here.


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