Immune Support

Ayurveda Resort Mandira | AUSTRIA

Nature regulates infection control by providing us with natural barriers that prevent pathogens from entering. The Immune Support programme aims at strengthening these barriers, with a focus on cleansing and regenerating the intestinal tract, the centre of our immune system.

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What's included

- 14 nights accommodation
- Full board (Panchakarma)
- Return airport transfers from Vienna airport

Flights available on request (ATOL protected)

- 1 x Consultation & pulse diagnosis
- 1 x Nutritional consultation
- 1 x Virechana (day of purification)
- Tailored selection of treatments according to dosha such as:
- 1 x Dark-field microscope blood analysis with Dr Schober
- 8 x Oxygen & ozone therapies
- 1 x Vital field analysis followed by vital field therapy to support detoxification
- 2 x Four-handed Abhyanga (Ayurvedic full body oil massage)
- 3 x Vishesh (energising balance massage)
- 2 x Jambira Pinda Sweda (heated herbal compress massage) or Garshan (dry massage with raw silk gloves)
- 2 x Udvartana (massage with herbal powders)
- 1 x Four-handed Pizzichilli (full body oil treatment)
- 1 x Udanavata© (abdominal massage)
- 1 x Upana (salt and oil scrub with the power of nature)
- 2 x Shirodhara (flowing oil head treatment) (30 min)
- 2 x Nasya (nasal treatment)
- 1 x Padabhyanga (Ayurvedic foot massage)
- 1 x Intensive back treatment (55 min)
- 5 x Basti (gentle colonic irrigation)
- 1 x Svedana (heat therapy)
- Toxin elimination with ghee
- Boiled water-based drinking treatment, ginger water
- Educational lecture: Principles of Ayurveda
- Concluding review

Additional benefits

- Use of the hotel's sports and well-being facilities: indoor and outdoor swimming pools, hydrotherapy circuit, saunas, steam room, relaxation area, ice grotto and fitness centre
- Complimentary access to group holistic activities such as Vinyasa yoga, Hatha yoga, meditation, guided sauna infusions and Pranayama breathing sessions
- Complimentary access to group fitness classes such as Smovey Aquafit, fascia training, Nordic walking, cycling
- Discounts on golf courses in Bad Waltersdorf, Stegersbach and Loipersdorf



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